Be a doer

Everyone has ideas, dreams, and goals. They're are all fucking cheap. The only thing moving any of us forward in life is doing. The smallest incremental thing. Going to the gym, signing up for the that singing class you've been telling yourself you were going to sign up for. But guess what, it has to happen, TODAY. Not tomorrow, not next week. TODAY!

You don't want to go to the gym? Put your running shoes on and get in that car. I promise you'll drive your ass to the gym. If you dont, we should talk.

This has been a frustration of mine with traditional and online education platforms, though i think some of them do a good job reinforcing theory with practice. But, for the most part what is the difference between me doing something now, or waiting for that stupid nanodegree in frontend development and python. Absolutely nothing. Because i don't know what fucking chamber of secrets I'm about to open up until I get going. Read my rant on how you can learn software development by doing

Let's take pilots for example. They literally fly these giant tin cans miles in the air with your grandma and aunt in the back seat. You think they say, "Well, when I've read all the books about flying I'll feel comfortable flying that fucker"? Here's a little spoiler, FUCK NO! They start on small planes from day one (TODAY), their instructor holds their hand while they try flying. They FAIL, A LOT. Then, as they get better, they keep challenging themselves more and more. So, why the fuck are you waiting?

Alright, so now what? You've bought into my new agey bullshit. What's the next step?

Glad you asked 😃

Define a goal, make a plan, make that plan a habit, get uncomfortable (because it will be), and start DOIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've even made an excel doc for you with pretty colors here with examples I pulled out of my ass. But, you'll get the point and the page is already kind of filled out, so you cant make the "blank canvas syndrome" excuse.

Okay Scott, what have you done? Are you even qualified to say this shit? Lolllll, probably not. But heres a table for you to see what I'm currently working on and how I'm doing so you know you have a buddy on this adventure.

Goals How Am I Doing?
Being able to speak Spanish "relatively" fluently Eh? Kinda
Reading "War and Peace" Everyday Failing
400lb Back Squat In progress
Started a business Completed
Starting another business In progress
Writing 1 blog post a week Failing
Learning to play the Cajon In progress but failing on consistency
Fasting 1 24 hour period per week Failing
Stop drinking coffee LOL, ya right, failing
Contribute to open source Completed
Get Barreled Surfing FUCK YES COMPLETED

There ya have it, my weekly rant. I hope this post has encouraged you to go get uncomfortable and be a doer. Because, as you do more and more things, it'll give you the confidence to keep doing more and more things. Its a muscle. So stop making excuses and get after it.